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Master Your DSLR Camera

Master Your DSLR: App Improves Photography Skills "Master Your DSLR Camera is an invaluable companion for amateur photographers looking to get more out of their gear." January 5, 2012
Interactive iPad Book Brings DSLR Camera Lessons to Life "The slickly designed book includes material like videos, tours, slideshows and cheat sheets for common shooting scenarios." December 16, 2011
iPad App Teaches You to Use Your SLR Camera "If you just got a new SLR, or you have had one for years and never shifted it off the “green square” idiot mode, then this could be a great way to spend $10." December 20, 2011
iPad App Teaches You How To Finally Master Your DSLR Camera "Open Air Publishing has gone to some pretty clever lengths to make these photo-101 lessons as immersive as possible." January 4, 2012
Daily iPad App: Master Your DSLR Camera "An absolutely luscious interactive book... If you have an interest in photography and want to know more, Master Your DSLR Camera is the best purchase you can make." December 19, 2011
Best Interactive Books For iPad "We've compiled the best of the best for you here." December 27, 2011
★★★★ - Essential "The ideal companion app for new owners of DSLR cameras." December 20, 2011

Speakeasy Cocktails: Learn from the Modern Mixologists

Mixing Drinks on Your Lap With No Spills "It's a little bit of everything. You get the recipe, but also someone making it." August 9, 2011
iPad, Make Me a Mai Tai "This app feels like a course in craft cocktailing because it is. Any explanation you may need is always just one tap away." August 19, 2011
Stop Drinking Like You're in College (And Learn How to Make a Real Drink) "It's a cocktails recipe book app that will transform the way you see, judge and drink cocktails." August 11, 2011
The 10 Coolest Book Apps for Fall "A stylish cocktail-making reference that's a great value for the price." September 2, 2011
Top 10 Best Food & Cooking Apps "Well-written and friendly, Speakeasy takes the fear and snobbery out of mixing a great cocktail, leaving you to master the most important quality for any bartender—confidence. Now, who's thirsty for an Old Fashioned?" October 18, 2011
Jim Meehan, Literary Man "Jump fluidly between recipes culled from 58 mixologists, a section on "gear," videos illustrating techniques like garnishing and swizzling, and too many other features to go into." August 15, 2011
The best food and drink apps "We love the integration of the various types of content—it's a seamless journey from a primer about brandies to a recipe for a classic pisco sour, which also includes an instructional video about speckling the drink's frothy head with bitters." March 20, 2012
Make Your Own Masterful Cocktails With Your iPad "Whether you're looking to make your own special cocktails or want to learn more about neo-speakeasies, this is the perfect app." August 13, 2011
★★★★ Speakeasy Cocktails teaches everything anyone could possibly want to know about making cocktails "For many, spending $10 on an app is a hard thing to swallow. Fortunately, at least, spending those bucks on Speakeasy Cocktails eventually produces some very delicious things to swallow." August 24, 2011
Libation education takes center stage "Whether you're looking to be a pro behind the bar or just wanting to impress your friends with a vast bartending knowledge (and maybe a good drink or three), Speakeasy Cocktails is worthy of its $10 purchase price." September 22, 2011
Download This: A Terrific Cocktail App "'Speakeasy Cocktails' is an iPad app that offers way more than just another recipe database." December 9, 2011
Want to cook like Mario Batali? There's an app for that "Jim Meehan and Joseph Schwartz, two of New York's top bartenders, have created the quintessential digital encyclopedia for tipplers eager to make sublime drinks, be they simple or sophisticated." February 28, 2012

Kitchen Knife Skills

Learning About Knives with This App Will Make You a Better Cook "A beautiful app book made by Open Air Publishing. Their app books are always expertly designed and useful, you're going to learn a thing or two." November 1, 2012

Wine Simplified

An iOS App That'll Teach You Everything You Need to Know About Wine "'Wine Simplified' is a book tailor made for iOS... Think of it as an interactive book that'll teach you more about wine than you knew before." November 1, 2012
Making the world of wines digestible "'Wine Simplified' is an approachable and navigable guide with ample opportunities to delve into more detail." November 1, 2012
✭✭✭✭ "Doing exactly what the name suggests, reference guide Wine Simplified deciphers the myths and confusions about choosing what wine to buy. It's a handy resource." November 8, 2012

Blackjack Domination

Learn How to Count Cards and Win at Blackjack with This iOS App "BlackJack Domination is perfect for any beginner who dilly-dallies at the blackjack table or an experienced money handler who is looking for some new tricks to beat a winnable game." August 16, 2012
✭✭✭✭ "Blackjack Domination is a genuinely fascinating book to read, even for those not planning to hit the Blackjack tables in Vegas any time soon. Like the rest of the Open Air Publishing series of apps, Blackjack Domination instills plenty of passion within a knowledgeable and useful book." August 21, 2012

The Better Bacon Book

The Better Bacon Book for iPad Guides You to Perfect Pork Preparation "Part cookbook, part DIY guide the Better Bacon Book is an iPad app that will help you cook the most delicious bacon you've ever had" March 8, 2012
The Better Bacon Book: Bacon on Bacon on Bacon on iPad "OpenAirPub consistently puts out the best and most useful cookbooks for the iPad.... and now they done one upped themselves with... bacon. Yes, a cookbook about makin', cravin' and tastin' bacon." March 22, 2012
Maximize the meat experience with this DIY guide "Open Air has upped its game in this app, including a feature to allow users to zoom into pig parts at various moments in the instruction videos called "image hotspots"." March 8, 2012
Expert butcher shows just how a pig is taken apart (vegetarians be warned) "I was mesmerized from start to finish while watching Tom Mylan demonstrate the process of where each cut of pork comes from." March 8, 2012
Bacon Meets iPad "It's a vegetarian-luddite nightmare, but for those who insist bacon makes everything better the iPad won't be an exception." March 13, 2012
Tom Mylan and Friends Release iPad-Only Bacon Bible "The Meat Hook's executive butcher Tom Mylan knows a lot about making bacon. Now Tom and several of his meat-loving friends are sharing their secrets in a new iPad app dubbed The Better Bacon Book." March 8, 2012
The best food and drink apps "With its stunning visuals and smart layout, this bacon-lover's bible offers a glimpse into how tablets are reinventing the cookbook genre." March 20, 2012
We know you're sick of baconmania, but get this app "We are happy to see that Tom Mylan and Ari Weinzweig have come together to smash pure pig skin down into tiny ones and zeros to create the no bullshit Better Bacon Book app that stands as the definitive place for all things concerning bacon." March 19, 2012
Cure-All "App offers a comprehensive guide to Bacon in all its porcine glory." March 10, 2012
The Better Bacon Book "Have an iPad? Love bacon? Then there's no reason not to pick up The Better Bacon Book." March 11, 2012
Bacon Lovers Better Get The Better Bacon Book "Those familiar with the developer's other app, Speakeasy Cocktails, will know how easy this app is to navigate. If you love bacon (and why wouldn't you?), reach down into your bacon wallet and buy this app." March 8, 2012
The Better Bacon Book Is the Last Cookbook You'll Ever Need "The sheer number of options is overwhelming, so why not let The Better Bacon Book show you how to whip up some delicious, artery-clogging concoctions?" March 9, 2012

Holiday Recipes & Party Planning Guide by Food52

The Gift Guide "For the domestic god or goddess..." November 23, 2011
Food52 Is the Best Cooking App for the Holidays "you won't be able to go back to print again" November 18, 2011
Amanda Hesser's Food52 Launches A Holiday Cookbook On The iPad "...they were convinced there had to be a better way. And there it was: the iPad." November 17, 2011
An uber-useful app for Holiday cooking "More than anything ... it's a major time-saver with menu planning ideas, optimal shopping lists and an Entertaining Handbook." November 22, 2011
Washington Post's top 10 food-related apps "You'll find that the smartly edited recipe collection, menu ideas and cooking tips will be a year-round, go-to resource." December 14, 2011
This Week's Picks "Americans gearing up for the massive food frenzy that is Thanksgiving should look to Food52." November 19, 2011
Apps for Holiday Cooking December 1, 2011
The Best Cooking Apps For iPhone, iPad And Android "the best part about this app is its holiday-specific content, like a video that breaks down the intricacies of building a gingerbread house." November 1, 2011
Food+Tech Holiday Gift Guide "Food52's new Holiday Recipe & Survival Guide... is easily one of the best cooking iPad apps on the market." December 15, 2011
★★★★ "An attractive and useful guide... a comprehensive collection of everything we all need to know about hosting the ideal Thanksgiving or Christmas event at home." November 25, 2011
Food52 Takes Crowdsourced Cooking Content Into Apps "I think the fact that it's beautiful and interactive gives it broader appeal" November 18, 2011
A Helping Hand "Update your tools and tricks for holiday success." November 23, 2011
Want to cook like Mario Batali? There's an app for that "I didn't want to linger over the pages of a book or my stove, so I turned to my iPad and located recipes for Fudgy Bourbon Balls from the Food52 Holiday Recipe & Survival Guide." February 28, 2012

Open Air Publishing

How-To Publisher Open Air Raises $800K From SV Angel, Charles River, And Others "All of its books have reached number one or two in its category in the United States and elsewhere, and that they've all made it into the top 100 rankings in the US." July 12, 2012
The Stupendous Growth of E-Books in 2011 "And where there is change, there is opportunity. A whole ecosystem of companies have cropped up around the $2 billion in revenues that e-books generated in 2011." July 18, 2012
Open Air is Out to Remake Publishing, Now with Cash from SV Angel "They are slow, and we are fast. They have bloat and drag; we are lean and scrappy." July 12, 2012
Digital-Only Publishing Start-Up Secures $800,000 in Funding "In the end, our business is simple: Make impressive books in a fraction of the time and cost as our legacy print publishers, always creating for the best technology available." July 12, 2012
Open Air Gets $800k in Investments, Launches for iPhone "The iOS platform invites a reinvention of the e-book, and Open Air Publishing is building tools and processes to define the publishing/studio hybrid model needed to make true e-book content." July 12, 2012
Publisher Aims to Revolutionize How-To Genre With iPad Books "The multimedia features elevate it from a how-to guide to something rivaling a small group class." August 25, 2011
How-To Books Created For The iPad "Done right, books like this might be able to breathe new life into the how-to category." August 11, 2011
Inkling Broadens Beyond Textbooks With ... Consumer Titles on the iPad "We think that as books are shifting to digital, we can rethink what a book is from the ground up." November 21, 2011
Blowing Out the Digital Book as We Know It "Both titles have received rave reviews for their luscious images, explanatory videos, and ease of use." December 2, 2011
Show and tell: Open Air Publishing evolves the self-help genre on the iPad "It's a product that's a better way to learn, built from the ground up for this medium" February 26, 2012